I worked on a couple different versions of the poster, I used research images that my group had looked at mixed them with my own prints. I tried some with text and used different colours but found the image that was mostly red in tone and without text the best as it reflected the garments that were made and a tone we wanted to project of a darker narrative.  
I made a story board for the film, as our group had the idea to make the film about stop motion, I decided to practice this and test how it would work, I found that around 10 frame made up 5 seconds of footage which we decided this would take to too long and we might not have enough images to make up 2 minutes of footage. We mixed footage that we found that had influenced our project like designers comme des garçons and videos from our shoot of the garments being tied along with the stop motion imagery. I like how the video came together, I decided to use a tape effect which I got inspiration from the work of nobuyoshi araki who has a very vintage, nostalgic vibe. I’m proud of the work I made but I think the group could of contributed more as it’s mainly my ideas. 
FAD final outcome – 

I decided to make a collection of collages/ prints, I used imagery that I found through research That I thought had a cool vintage look and projected my idea of restriction which has a more sexualised feel to them which contrasts to the bright background. I used images from our photoshoot And blended them with the prints to make a more interesting image. I tied them to together using string to make a small book, I like how it looks but I would of preferred to use a red string to match our aesthetic and I think I would of put more collages in to show a varied range of work.


I found working in a group good as i liked giving ideas and looking at what the others had done and receiving ideas, I think the group could of communicated better outside of scheduled lessons and made more of an effort to meet as I found myself working on the film and poster a lone which isn’t so much a problem but there wasn’t many ideas given to bounce of so I dont think the film looked as good as it could of. 

I liked the work that the other members of the group created as the fashion garments were a big part of the project, I also liked the stop motion work that interactive arts did but I think it had a different influence than mine and fashions work which is sad as it was really cool and different but we didn’t communicate as much as I wanted to and I think we worked differently to each other. 

Overall the group came together well towards the end and worked hard to make the final outcomes the best they could be and help each other with our individual work and overall I really liked the group was in. 

I have found this project interesting and challenging as I have took from the previous project that I need to review what I research and produce more and I think I really tried to make a conscious effort to do so, I thought about why what I looked at was interesting And why it might influence my project in the future, towards the middle of the project I lost this regime but I’ve tried to keep going back and look at what I’ve done and what I need to include to further the project. 

I wanted to be more expressive and look at different mediums, I like my prints and they have become a big part of the project as I have used them in many pieces and I feel like they show me exploring different kind of mediums, I enjoyed using ink and loved the shapes and patterns it created and I think I learned how to use photoshop and other adobe programs better and have found these really helpful when making the posters and collages. 

The photoshoot was a good time for us to experiment with the movements we wanted to show and create, we first wrote up a quick plan with some ideas and then further experimented on the shoot. We thought a stairwell would be best as it had a few interesting places to create movement like putting material around the arms and holding the up over the stairs which creates a puppet like effect, we also liked the stone textures in the background which adds to our rougher, darker narrative. I love how the pictures turned out and we used them a lot in our outcomes. 

I wish I had planned further in advance our outcomes and photoshoot as i think it shows that we didn’t communicate well enough and I think the film can appear rushed but I felt under pressure to complete it on time and without much work from the interactive arts students it feels a bit thrown together, although I’m happy with how it came together I think it could of been done better by using more high quality footage, although we wanted a vintage look it looks a bit messy. 

I’m really happy with some of my individual pieces like my quick drawing which I would of loved to turn into prints I think that is something I would change about this project, I would of liked to produce more illustrations and prints and develop a bigger collection of collages and prints that show a range of techniques and development. 

Overall this project has allowed me to experiment more with my work and take a different approach to working in a group as I found myself taking a leadership role which I haven’t done before and it was a learning experience as I find it hard to get people involved but I think I tried my best and I think I brought the project together efficiently. I loved producing work this project and enjoyed what I produced but I have struggled with explaining my ideas and I think it’s because I wasn’t as confident with what my idea was and I tended to think about what other people would think to much, i still struggle with confidence so I think I will still have to work on this in the future but hopefully my work will show my ideas thoughtfully and will show how I have worked on this project effectively. 


Plus – making a variety of outcomes that shows the work I have created effectively. Making connections with other courses. Finding a new love for print making and photoshop. Taking a leadership role. 

Minus – not communicating as good as we could of as a group. I feel like the film wasn’t a good as it could of been but I think as I hadn’t really made a film before it was good for a first try. 

Interesting – experimenting with different mediums. Taking a leadership role which I haven’t done before. Producing work that shows my ideas and others and blending them together. 


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