PMI – Films

Jean machine stop motion film

Plus – flows really nicely, shows multiple different looks in interesting ways and seems like it’s actually happening the way it’s shown, uses a real life model which is harder to get it to flow as well as if it didn’t use a model. 

Minus – only shows the model moving, doesn’t have much background.

Interesting – feels like a really uplifting and fun video, a cool way to advertise clothing. 

Fashion stop motion by Yael Rozmarin

Plus – shows the model from different angles and doing lots of different movements, I like the flow of the model wearing different outfits. 

Minus – the models movements don’t flow as well as the previous video. 

Interesting – has a doll like effect and I think they could of played on this more to get a more well rounded video. 

Dugraff stop motion

Plus – this video feels modern and tells a story of models working and being treated almost like dolls, I like that it mixes stop motion with the images from the shoots that the models are working on. 

Minus – I don’t think the music matches the dark tone of the dark film so I think they could of put the film in colour to keep with the effect. 

Interesting – I like the story kind of stop motion as it makes it more intriguing and makes you want to carry on watching the film. 


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