Lines of inquiry/ investigation


From my research I made knots/bondage and print the main theme in my project, To further my research I looked at Alexander McQueen as the pieces they create are heavily influenced by bondage which has been a source of inspiration in my work, I also looked at nobuyoshi araki x supreme which also uses rope and bondage themes to give a cool and sexy look at supreme I really like the look book and how it’s styled and the aesthetic of shoot, I have began looking at lookbooks and how we would style the garments in the film. 

From my research I experimented with weave and knots to make pattern, I made a weave using scrap materials and printed with them using ink and paint to see what patterns were created I don’t think it’s the best way to create a definitive print but I like the prints that I did create as they are all different I then used stitch to define the weave, I really like how these turned out but I wanted to make them more colourful and use them in collage which I think I will use in our film and my own zine. 

I put my prints through photoshop and experimented with layering colours over the prints and blending them together, this worked great and got me excited to use these in collage and Our film.

From this I started to look at what we would do for our film and as we were looking at restraints and rope within the garments, I started with stop motion as it’s different from a normal film and I think this would allow us to use my prints and other work from the group as well. I first downloaded an app which allows you to make your own stop motion, this was just a practice but I really like how it turned out. ​

One problem I have found with this is that it would take a lot of frames to make a short section for example the above video was around 11 frames and 4 seconds long, so we would have to take a lot of images to get to a minute or longer. 

From this we have decided to mix regular clips of video with the stop motion effect as this will convey our narrative and mood a little easier. 

The mood we want to convey is the darkness of being trapped by losing control (having someone control you) then eventually losing the restraints that have been holding you back, but I think the film should end bluntly with out answering too many questions about what happens to the character after the film. 

I have struggled with communicating to my group as me and the fashion students (Ella, jalda and Lola) have been in constant contact and have come up with a lot of the ideas but sadly we haven’t heard much of the interactive art students, so we haven’t got much of an idea of what they have looked at or worked on, this has been quite difficult as a lot of the poster work and the film has been left to us.

I think we could of met up more to begin with but we did communicate a lot over a group messenger and this worked well when I spoke the the fashion students. I found myself taking a leadership role throughout the project as our group was little unorganised and in other projects I felt they were organised so I took what I learned and applied it to this project by asking about the groups work, and showing my own and trying to lead the group towards the final pieces. 

I have been inspired mainly by print and illustration, and I have applied this heavily in the final work, and have looked at work by nobuyoshi araki as aesthetic inspiration, I really like the simple stand alone model and the use of bondage inspired rope work. I have also been influenced by Francois berthoud, his work is very female orientated but has an erotic edge which you can see from the subject he focuses on. I love his illustration technique and the use of block colour which I have took over into my own work. 

I used the prints I made as backgrounds and overlayed images which i blended together to change the colours and how defined they are,  I love how these have turned out and I want to make more that I will use to make a collection of posters. 

For the film I wanted to look at how the garments would be styled, I wanted to convey the mood within the make up as well so I looked at dark lips and eyes. For hair I wanted a choice between braids that have been influenced by the use of ropes or slicked back hair so it doesn’t take to much away from the garments. 

I personally prefer the braids as this adds something more to the back of the garments as the focus will mainly be on the front and I think I dark eye using the colours red, maroon and black would look best with the whole look as the garments will be quite simple colour wise so this would bring in the colours we have used in my prints and the group poster.


Plus – A plus for me has been working on my prints and illustrations and marking collages and further illustrations from them, I love how they have come together and have given me a more detailed look at the theme we have chosen. I really enjoyed working on the group poster that we made for the guerrilla exhibition as it gave us a clearer look at what we have worked on and allowed us to have a clear idea of where we wanted to go with the final pieces.

Minus – the communication in the group hasn’t been the best and at times I have felt stressed because a lot of work has been left to me and the fashion students, this has meant that some work has become a bit rushed hopefully I can focus on it towards the end and tidy it up. 

Interesting – I have felt like I have took a leadership role which is unusual for myself but has been a learning sistuatuation as I don’t know if I have been the best at leading the group but I have enjoyed being the person in control of getting work done. 

I have loved that I have used illustration a lot in this project as it is a key feature in my work and has made me excited to use it in my work in the future. 


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