Research | Unit X


To begin my research I started with the references we were given at the start of the project, I first looked at dance references such as the serpentine dance and the NYC dance project, I really liked the natural shapes created in these films and pictures I felt inspired by these and did some sketches using biro, pencil and water colour to create the movement in the fabrics and the body of the dancers.

From the watercolour images I really liked how the water made shapes and edges appeared which reminded me of “bacteria art” I love how the natural change and growth of the bacteria makes gorgeous patterns and many artists who do this mix it with paint to make vibrant colours, to develop this idea I look at different techniques and materials to create similar shapes and colours, I looked at embroidery, pattern printing and clothing made from different materials and textures.

I would like to develop these ideas and experiment with samples and printing to create patterns, I looked at artist sabatina leccia who has done similar work and it has really inspired me to experiment with these ideas.

after the initial research our group came together to discuss what we had looked at  and settle on a theme which we decided as “restriction” as it is quite a broad theme which allows room for experimentation and it’s a theme we decided on together that allows us all to be experimental within our subjects, I really like our theme choice as I continue looking at pattern and incorperate it into our work, we will continue meeting to look at how our projects are coming together.


Sadly i had to miss the dr me workshop but I found out what we were set to do and worked from that and I made some collages inspired by the workshop some by hand and some digitally, I tired to keep and similar look throughout and I used images similar to ones used in the Workshop whilst still images I like.

I love how these came and found that they evolved through colour, images and style, I really enjoyed making them and found it really inspiring and has given me a different outlook on the theme, I used images inspired by theme and tried to not be too literal with what I used. I’m going to continue developing these in the next stage of the project.

from these collages I decided to look at graphic designer with a similar aesthetic I looked at the book “hello! U.K. Graphics” which has multiple designers and studios like tomato, it’s nice that and Jonathan barnbrook which have really cool and interesting designs.

from my research I am excited to develop our theme of “restriction” further and look at the different interpretations of the word, I want to look at pattern and how I can make pattern from printing, weave, embroidery and paint through experimentation. I also want to develop our poster and film for our the end from looking at different films, graphic designs and designers to gather information and inspiration that will give us a good idea of where to take the final outcomes.


Plus – I feel I looked at this project and took the research in different directions to decide on a theme, i really enjoyed making the collages which I want to develop to create a narrative.

Minus – I think during the research my group could of communicated better but as we had only met the week before we were still getting used to working with new people and now we know where we are heading with the project we have been better communicating and have set up a plan to meet twice a week following feedback from our group session.

Interesting – I’m surprised that I have found a more graphical take on the project as its not what I would typically choose but I really want to experiment with this final project.


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