Music videos | Unit X


I first looked at pendulum by FKA Twigs from the off set you can see she has used bondage style imagery in the video but from further research I found this quote “Twigs’ tied-up poses are delicate, but rife with tension near its breaking point, and the singer explains, “using my own hair represents me at one time being suspended and held back by my own fears.” ”

this quote shows the deeper meaning of the video showing someone’s own restrictions and fears through beautiful imagery. I  love the different images and bondage sequences as for  my own project I can use some of it for patterns along with this towards the end of the video she is set free from her fears and begins to dance freely which is great for this project as the overarching theme is movement.


The next video I found was LSD by Asap Rocky which uses a lot of  interesting imagery and transitions which show movement in a different light, I also like the movement within the patterns as I have looked at similar imagery before. I really like the colours used and I think I will take inspiration from this to use in my prints and illustration as there is a lot of block colours used within the patterns . 


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