Fashion forecasting

I’ve looked at fashion forecasting for this new project of responding, I chose late 90s – early 00s as a theme and looked at many different sources.

I went to Pinterest to source images for inspiration and found this to be a great place to find the images and mood boards I needed for inpspiration.


I also looked at to see how this trend has reemerged but didn’t find much, so I looked at blogs and films which gave me and interesting concept.

I found that the socialites and other celebrities who set the trends back in the 2000s were now a source of inspiration for the current it girls alike, I want to look at why we follow these trends purely because celebrities are wearing them.

I looked at blogs such as:


and the film:

These blog and especially the film look further into the art of celebrity and the fascination.

how the 2000s trend has come into pop culture today:




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