Mat Maitland

Mat Maitland is a collage artist who has been commissioned by a lot of different brands and publications such as kenzo and Interview Magazine.

His work is very surrealist;

“pulls off one of the most difficult image-making tricks around, and what’s more he makes it look easy. There’s an awful lot of surrealist collage and far too often it feels like it’s trying too hard, but Mat knows exactly what works and what doesn’t” -itsnicethat

I find his work interesting and very eye catching and i love the work he has done for artists like Michael Jackson and Prince but i don’t think it fits my own work very well but i like the variety and the fact that its different to a lot of other collage artists and the fact he is so respected show that it works.

I like the mixture of animal imagery and bright colours with pop culture icons and fashion models i feel like it reflects the nature of the work they do and how its bright and spectacular but can also be like a jungle.


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