In today’s Styling session we were given a brief and left to work in groups (me,Sayf, Matt,Levi and Lauren) we had to first shoot a lookbook style shoot and then choose our favourite looks to make a more put together shoot.

I really liked this way of working because as a group we could put together what we thought would be right for our theme, although it was a bit hard as our theme of Faith and Belonging is quite broad so we really got to experiment with the styling which included layering and using clothing not necessarily for it purpose such as a skirt as a scarf.

I think as a group we worked well and had a lot of fun and we all had a chance to be behind the camera and in front of it, which gave us a chance to direct what was happening.

Overall i thought this was a really great session and so far these have been the more fun lessons as were able to work together and go out of the classroom.


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