Francois Berthoud

Francois Berthoud is recognised as one of the most original fashion illustrators of the late 20th and early 21st century. “While François illustrates fashion in an apparently formal and decorative way, in reality he analyzes his subject in depth and with an elegant sense of detachment before recreating it in his atelier-laboratory…. he experiences fashion with a sharp sense of irony and a visual culture rooted in conceptual art. But his style is totally now!” – Anna Piaggi wrote

His work focuses on the female form and shows sexuality through his avant garde style using a variety of materials. He has a very comic book style which was his original degree of graphic design he later mixed this with fashion after being a fashion art director at conde nast sparked his interest.

His work is inspiring me to be more experimental with how i draw as illustration is the route i want to go down for this project and his work is really fun and different to what you usually see it will also let me experiment with printing and risograph to create bright and eye catching illustrations.



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